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Bids, RFP/RFQ's

  1. #23-13 2023 Lead and Galvanized Service Line On-Call Emergency Replacement Program

    2023 Lead and Galvanized Service Line On-Call Emergency Replacement Program

  1. Landscape Registration Form


  1. Community Garden Naming Contest

    Please help the Village name our first community garden.

  2. Test Form

    This form is a test.

  3. Test Form 3

    This is a test for notifications following a form submittal.

  1. Submit a Community Event for the Community Calendar

    Requirements for Community Event: -Must be a Free Event -Must be Open to all Residents -Must be in Niles Exceptions may be made,... More…

  2. Test Form 2

    This form is a test.

Community Development

  1. Customer Self-Service Portal Contact/Case Connection Form

    Complete this form to connect your Customer Self-Service contact account to your Permits, Plans, Business or Rental Licenses. Once... More…

  1. Fire Alarm Registration Application

    The Community Development Department's Fire Alarm Registration Application for businesses.

  2. Rental Inspection Form Request

Crime Free Housing

  1. Crime Free Housing Course Registration

    This is where you register for the Crime Free Housing classes. This course is REQUIRED for all residential rental property owners in... More…


  1. Fitness Center Art Gallery Artist Interest Form

    Interested artists can submit an interest with samples of their work for the Public Arts and Culture Council to review. This is an... More…

  2. Waiver of Rights and Release from Liability for the Village of Niles While Participating in a Village of Niles Activity

    Waiver to be filled out by attendees of select Village events.

  1. Halloween Home-Decorating Contest 2023

    Submit your home or nominate a neighbor by 9:00 PM on October 23rd. Homes will be announced at the October 24 Board Meeting. Everyone... More…


  1. Vendor/Supplier Registration Form

    Please fill out this form to be added to the Village of Niles vendor list.


  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Registration Form

    registration form for this program.

Online Forms

  1. Merch Draft

    This is only a test. Not a valid form at this time. No orders will be processed.

Online Store

  1. Merchandise Order Form 2017

    Select the quantity of each item you would like with the drop-down menus below. Submitting this form creates a reservation you must... More…

  1. Street Sign Order Form 2018

    Does thinking about the street you grew up on in Niles bring back fond memories? Well now you can own the very street sign... More…


  1. Citizens Police Academy Application

    This form is used to submit an application for participation in the Niles Citizens Police Acdemy

  2. Prepare to Respond to an Active Shooter Event

    As a result of the recent events involving active shooter incidents throughout the country, the Niles Police Department is hosting free... More…

  3. Video Surveillance Camera Registration Program

    This free voluntary program allows residents and businesses to register the locations of their outdoor video surveillance systems with... More…

  1. COP News - Newsletter

    COP News is the Niles Police Department news letter on the departments Community Policing Programs , successes, achievements.

  2. SCRAM Newsletter Registration

    This is for residents or community members to register for our SCRAM News letter.

Public Services

  1. ADA Survey 2017

    Survey to gather input from agencies, organizations and individuals with disabilities to help the Village enhance accessibility to its... More…

  2. Stormwater Program Resident Survey

    Survey to gather information about flooding around town.

  1. null
  2. Water Service Material Survey

    Use this form to self report your water service material type as copper, lead, galvanized steel, or plastic.

Senior Center

  1. Niles Senior Center - Customer Service Survey

    If you are a member of the NSC, please take a moment to fill out and submit our Customer Service Survey. We appreciate your feedback... More…

Teen Center

  1. TEST REG Form

    Test registration form