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Give Your Input on Future Village Signage

  1. The Village is looking for your reaction and input on these initial signage concepts to direct the next phase of refinement
  2. Community Signage Goals:
    • Identify Niles at its entrance points • Enhance and promote the special identity of the Village through signage • Integrate Village branding where possible • Convey brand personality attributes established in branding study • Use of repeated elements, shapes, colors to reinforce identity and unify the look and character of the Village • Assist in the navigation on the local corridors within the Village • Create safer and less congested roadway conditions through properly designed and located directional signs • Enhance and complement the overall “image” of the community
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  4. Family 2
  5. Family 3
  6. Family 4
  7. Family 5
  8. Which of the following signage families do you like?
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