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  1. Village of Niles - Community Development

    1000 Civic Center Drive, Niles, IL. 600714


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    Please be advised, the Village of Niles does not perform extermination or baiting of rodents in rental properties. 

  4. Pet Safety Information

    The meal bait used to treat rodent burrows is extremely toxic to mammals and birds. Dogs, cats and other predatory and scavenging mammals and birds might be poisoned if proper precautions are not taken by pet owners. I will  keep my pets inside and not allow them to roam near the rodent burrows while they are being treated with meal bait.                  

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  6. I give my permission to employees of the Village of Niles and/or its contractor, a licensed pest control operator, to come onto the property to do work required to exterminate or to bait for rats. I understand that pesticides may be used in this process. I will do my part by cleaning the yard and removing any bulk items, by not feeding pets outside, and will use my durable refuse carts and keep the lids closed at all times. I also agree to release the Village from any claims or actions arising out of or related to the Community Development Department Rat Control Program.
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