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Community Relations Commission Complaint Form

  1. Complaint Procedure

    Community Relations Commission (CRC) is committed to promoting fairness and tolerance in the Village of Niles and is a resource for you. If you believe you have experienced discrimination, you may file a complaint.  You do not have to reside in the Village of Niles to file a complaint, but the alleged discrimination must have occurred in Niles, Illinois.  The Commission must receive your complaint within 120 days of the incident.  Filing a complaint is not confirmation or agreement of that complaint.

  2. Your complaint must include the correct name of each individual or business ("the Respondent"). Please list the full name, address and phone number of the complaint respondent(s).

  3. Complaint must be filed within 120 days of the alleged incident.

  4. Please indicate your protected status regarding such claim (For example, if you are alleging national origin discrimination, you would state your national origin.)

  5. A description of the conduct, policy, practice which you claim is discriminatory. The description must be sufficient to notify the Commission and the respondent of the complaint.

  6. Next Steps

    Once the complaint is submitted, a staff member of the Niles Family Services Department will reach out to the applicant to assist in navigating a process that works towards a solution.  Please allow 2 working days for a social worker to contact you.  Offices are closed Saturday and Sunday.  

    Complaints will be reviewed by the Community Relations Commissions to ensure a successful resolution and community harmony. 

    To receive a copy of this complaint, check the box below and include your email in the address field.

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