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Lottery Application and Agreement for Garden Plot Rental

  1. Plot Preference
    Look to garden design below form. Please note beds 1,2, and 3 are Universally Accessible. These beds are raised higher and are smaller to provide ADA accessibility.
  2. Community Garden Site with New.2.jpg
  3. Returning Gardener
  4. Fee Waiver Request
  5. Although we will make our best effort to provide the preferred plot, you may be assigned to a different plot due to the lottery process.
  6. As a participant in the Niles Farm on Franks Community Garden, we ask that all participants read and follow the rules and regulations found below and in the Rules & Regulations.
    •I will pay a fee of $25.00 (Residents) or $30.00 (Non-Residents) to help cover garden expenses. •I will have something planted in the garden by June 1and keep something planted all summer long. •If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the Village of Niles. •I will keep weeds to a minimum and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot. •If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be given notice to clean it up. After two notices, it willbe reassigned. I understand my fee will not be refunded. •I will keep trash and litter cleared from the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences. •I understand that I must clear and remove all debris and vegetation, no later than October 31. •I will not plant tall crops where they will shade neighboring plots. •I will only pick own crops from my own plot unless given permission by the plot user. •I will not use fertilizers, insecticides or weed repellents. •I will not bring pets to the garden. The Resident shall, at all times, fully indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Village of Niles and their officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims and demands, actions, causes of action, and cost and fees of any character whatsoever made by anyone whomsoever on account of or in any way growing out of use of the Farm on Franks program and/or the plots, or any other matter arising from or out or under the Farm on Franks Program by the Village of Niles and its employees, or because of any act or omission, neglect or misconduct of the Village of Niles, its employees and agents or its subcontractors including. The plots are provided in “AS-IS” condition; the Village of Niles does not make representation or warranties of the condition of the soil or plots or suitability for the resident’s intended use.
  7. I have read and understand the above guidelines and rules, will pay the stated annual fees associated with being a Niles Farm on Franks Community Garden member and will abide by all the guidelines and rules as stated above.*
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