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Merchandise Order Form 2017

  1. OrderForm
    Select the quantity desired of each item below. Prices do not include tax.
  2. Lapel pin with American flag and Village of Niles stylized 'N'
  3. @ $10.00 per item
  4. Niles pen
  5. @ $10.00 per item
  6. Coffee mug with Village of Niles logo
  7. @ $10.00 per item
  8. Golf ball with Village of Niles logo
  9. @ $5.00 per item
  10. A coaster with Leaning Tower artwork
  11. @ $5.00 per coaster
  12. Coasters with Leaning Tower artwork
  13. @ $15.00 per boxed set
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  15. Please Note
    This is only a reservation. Please add up the items requested to estimate your order total. Sales tax is included in the item prices listed on this page. No payment will be collected until you pick up your order at Village Hall, 1000 Civic Center Drive. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted for payment.
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