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Street Sign Order Form 2018

  1. Sample street sign with $20 price
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  3. Please use the above box to specify your preference, if any, for which street sign(s) you receive.
  4. Alternate Sign*
    I am receptive to purchasing any available sign if my preferred street is not available:
  5. Contact Information
    Please enter your contact information, not the address for the sign you are requesting.
  6. Please Note
    This is only a reservation. You must call Public Works at 847-588-7900 after submitting this form to make an appointment to pick up your sign(s). Please add up the number of signs requested to estimate your order total. Sales tax is included in the $20 sign price. No payment will be collected until you pick up your order at Niles Public Works, 6849 W. Touhy Avenue. Only cash or check are accepted for payment. Sign requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.
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