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Stormwater Program Resident Survey

  1. The Village of Niles is currently undergoing an update to the stormwater program. As part of this process we are re-engaging with the community to discuss flooding. Although we have data from four major flooding events, we are gathering input from property owners to ensure we have all available information on historical flooding that may impact future plans.
    Please respond to the following questions, as the information provided will be helpful in improving the results of the stormwater update.
  2. Have you experienced flooding of your property or areas directly surrounding your property?*
  3. Have you experienced flooding in your back or side yards?
  4. Do you have any photographs of flooding that you could share?
    If yes, please enter your contact information below.
  5. Do you have knowledge of flooding in other areas of town, other than your property?
  6. Have you experienced sewer backup(s) in your home or property?
  7. Do you have backup protection installed?
  8. Please provide the address of your property so we can add your experience to our data about flooding:
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